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Write a Book Online to Boost Your Profile

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If you want to be seen as an expert in your field, then why not write a book online about your passions? More and more people are turning to self publishing these days because the world of writing is incredibly competitive. Traditional publishers are facing rising costs and falling sales, and are gradually moving to online and multimedia models. Even some newspapers are opting to shut down their presses and go online only, and are putting a lot of their content behind paywalls.

Writing a book online can help to generate a residual income for you. Many people who write online are doing so as a way of building up a professional profile, and it’s certainly a good option, especially if you’re a small business owner who wants to have something to point the local press to, and a reason to be called up as a local expert.

Getting non-fiction titles published can be particularly tricky if they are in smaller and more obscure niches. Yes, there are publishers that deal exclusively with self help, nutrition, sports, history or economics, but those publishers aren’t necessarily going to be having huge amounts of their books on the shelves in Waterstones or WH Smiths. If you’re not one of the big names picked up by Usborne then you’re going to struggle to get noticed in stores. Where you can compete, though, is on Google and on social media. So, write your book, get it sent off to an online publisher, and promote it yourself to your friends, family, followers and customers. Many people have done exactly that, and it’s just one small step from ‘write a book online‘ to ‘get noticed by a bigger organisation’. With the right promotion efforts you’ll be able to get noticed by local media. If you’re freelance, then you’ll be able to promote yourself as a published author too, and have something to talk about in pitches and interviews.

People respect the written word, and having a tangible product out there makes you have an air of authority. It will work wonders for your professional reputation.

Writing a book by yourself is a huge undertaking, and it’s not something that you should take on if you’ve never written anything longer than a Tweet in the last few years. Many people do need the help of an editor to keep them on track and ensure that they hit their milestones. That’s something that you will find gets easier as you work on writing long form content, but it’s a good idea to start with blog posts at first. Starting a blog is inexpensive, and you can post once or twice a month and build up to a series of articles, then look at combining those into a collection of essays, and then a book. Taking this approach will take some of the pressure off you, so that you can enjoy the process, and produce something that reads well instead of a rushed or padded collection of disjointed chapters.

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