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Working With a Branding Agency

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If you are looking to build up a higher profile for your company and embark on a serious branding campaign, then you should look at hiring a branding agencies to put together a consistent and clear brand for your company.

branding agency
branding agency

A branding agency can do a lot to help you put forward a clear image. Many people think of branding as being logo and letterhead – and it’s certainly true that the logo is an integral part of a brand image, but there is far more to branding than just what appears on your packaging and in your website header. Your logo, letterhead, business card and website header are a few important parts of your brand, but you should look at other things too. What typeface will you use on your website? What typeface will you use in your correspondence? What layout will you use for your invoices? What kind of packaging will you use? Even something like whether to use white or brown boxes for your packaging will make a long term difference to a mail order company – using the same boxes every week matters.

Before you can address branding Agency, you need to have an idea of what you want your company to be seen as being about. Do you want to have a company that appeals to the rich, or the price-conscious? Do you want your company to be seen as young and edgy, or stable and reliable. Are you marketing towards women, towards men, or a product that everyone would want to use. Are you marketing a ‘performance’ product, or a ‘simple’ product.

There can be some overlap, but it’s hard to promote, say, a high end running shoe that everyone can wear, even those who are doing the couch to 5k beginner running programme. It would make more sense to have two products with similar names, and different price points, rather than trying to be all things to all people.

One thing that a lot of people don’t understand with branding is sometimes you have no control over it. Sometimes you will try to present yourself in a certain way, and it just won’t work out – a different group of people will descend on your service, and adopt it, and you’ll find that you can’t fight that image – it’s better to embrace it. That happened with Waitrose – they wanted to be a quality supermarket for everyone, but they became known as being a supermarket for the ‘snobs’ only. It happened with Dr Martens too – they wanted to be a work shoe, but they became fashionable with the goth and punk subculture. Sometimes, embracing the people that like your brand makes more sense than trying to tell people who don’t like it why they should. That is something that market research will help you figure out, and that you will be able to build upon if you work with a reliable and experienced agency for your design and marketing.

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