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How Google Won the PR Battle over SEO

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Currently, technology is certainly the order of the day as virtually all entities in every nook and global corner incorporates it into the daily endeavours. In the past two decades, SEO which seemed to be a cloudy concept is now highly appreciated. In fact, it is entwined in most platforms operating online. Over the years, Google engaged in a fierce battle with its competitors regarding which brand will dominate afterward.

Eventually, Google emerged incontestably dominant and has been gracing its way to unimaginable success ever since. Moreover, instead of knocking off the adversaries from the market sphere, Google made a grand decision to work hand in hand with them with the ultimate aim of surging forward. At present, the initial enemies optimise their resources to contribute to collective success. SEO practices still function well if you trust in a trustworthy seo agency liverpool.

Ever-Flowing Updates

Google’s strategy of wheeling out numerous algorithms regularly has definitely offered very much in ascribing success to the company in matters SEO. They would present them all at once and then advertise them so the potential users may have access. This strategy has played a major role in shaping the conduct of individuals in the web community, as they have to operate in alignment with the clearly set out guidelines.

To underpin this assertion, discussions about underhand tricks or dubious tips on figuring out the way to the top are done away with. The alternative is ensuring that the users have a satisfactorily great experience which is a pointer to the legitimate technical systems underneath. The algorithm updates was certainly a brilliant idea that has taken the SEO a notch higher.

Battling Inaccuracy? 

Recently, an FTC investigation provided that the company’s claims aren’t an accurate reflection of their PR statements. The investigation was pointing out that Google is founded on a framework of falsehood that’s very unreliable. They had it that all they do is offering guidelines on how best to craft quality content but don’t go the extra mile of making the change on the ground. Thus is a plus to them, though, since the guidelines contribute to quality content While, it’s true that they may be having inaccurate information as they cannot work very closely with the webmasters, it’s certainly true that 100% perfection is unattainable. They should, therefore, work on this frailty since they are the dominating players on the ground by apportioning accurate and sufficient information like the data to the advertisers.

Formidable Workforce

Matt Cutts was a formidable personality who served as the head of Web spam. He played a hugely significant role in offering advisory information once the hitches developed. In fact, his rise to the top pouf the movement was unprecedented as he unofficially defined his role in the movement against spam. Apart from detailing information on algorithm updates, he also answered the questions stemming from the community. He, therefore, needs to train his able and dedicated counterparts more on how best to work so they join hands to achieve the highest achievable standards.

Impact of Google Domination to Brands

Although Google still can’t boast of having gathered sufficient information for users, it has made significant strides to date. The SEOs should partner with the content marketers. Since Google has finally emerged victorious in the industry after the seemingly epic SEO cold war, it is a sign of good things to come. It’s actually an opportunity for the other brands as marketers and other companies can work well with Google to succeed.

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